1999 – Group Conscience Decisions

1999 Group Conscience Decisions

This is a summary of the group conscience decisions made in 1999.

January 1999

  • All service commitments currently held shall be extended for a period of one month so all positions will expire during the month of a regularly scheduled business meeting. (One time only extension.)
  • Backup Trusted Servants will step in to a vacated position and fulfill the balance of the remaining term of those Trusted Servants resigning before their commitment is up.
  • The end of service commitment will be staggered for these positions to maintain continuity of subscribing service to our new members. (One time only.)
  • The topic will be reposted during the week with encouragement to hear from members who haven’t yet shared on topic.
  • Decisions about whether to immediately subscribe someone (possibly still drinking and asking for help and/or information) or send such requests on to the Greeters will be at the discretion of our Listkeeper.
  • The doors of the business meeting will remain open to all members for the duration of the meeting, and the steering committee will determine how to bring late comers up to speed with the least amount of disruption to the business at hand.
  • GROW does not allow group postings of any copyrighted material for which permission to distribute has not been obtained from the copyright owner.

April 1999

The business list will be closed at the end of each quarterly business meeting. All members will be unsubbed from the business list, and will need to re-subscribe to the business list at the start of each new business meeting.

October 1999

  • GROW will, in addition to our regular weekly topics, have a Step discussion and a Tradition discussion each month; Step and Tradition to correspond with the month. (To begin immediately). The following format will be sent every Sunday separately from the weekly topic:

    Subject Line: Step and Tradition Topic

    According to group conscience, GROW holds monthly Step and Tradition discussions to correspond with the month. This being [month], you are invited to share on Step ____ and Tradition _____ in addition to the weekly topics.

    Step _____ (Include as it appears in the contents of the 12 x 12)

    Tradition _____ (Include both short and long form).

  • The group secretary position shall be assigned the role of list “owner.”
  • Beginning with the March invoice, we will change payment on account to Esosoft from semi-annual to annual. We will increase our prudent reserve to accommodate this change.
  • The dates of service for our Members at Large will run from November through October (appointed during October business meeting, rotate out at the end of the next October business meeting).