2002 – Group Conscience Decisions

2002 Group Conscience Decisions

This is a summary of the group conscience decisions made in 2002. The next year’s listings are for 2004; there were no group conscience decisions made in 2003.

July, 2002

By consensus agreed to the following:

  1. That GROW continue to send an Online Service Representative to the Online Service Conferences, but that GROW will withhold any formal endorsement of the OSC until (at least) after a report on the next conference scheduled for January 2003.
  2. That the Online Service Representative advise the GROW steering committee and/or business list of Advisory ballots and any other significant decisions presented as representing group conscience for all online AA groups.

At our October 2002 business meeting, we may want to discuss provisions for the service position of Online Service Representative. In the meantime Tina and Karen will keep the steering committee informed, and our April 2003, business agenda will include a review of the report on the January 2003, conference.