2011 – Group Conscience Decisions

2011 Group Conscience Decisions

This is a summary of the group conscience decisions made in 2011.

April 2011

  • Approved new job description for "Temporary Mentor."
  • Modified job description of "Weekly Leader Listkeeper from a 6-month to a one-year term.
  • Modified the Job Description of the Greeter by adding: “Sends copy of current Weekly Topic to new members as they join.”
  • Agreed to table discussion about new back-up positions. Rather, our present Rotating Back-up Trusted Servant will get in touch privately with the other Trusted Servants, for whom she is providing back-up, to exchange contact information to ease the transition if the need arises to call upon her to assist with one of the Lists. We can revisit this topic in the October Business meeting.
  • Agreed to add a Back-up Greeter (2nd Greeter) position to share the workload with the Greeter. The Job Description would be the same as for Greeter.

October 2011

  • Approved minor changes in our monthly letter that goes out to the membership and the letter that goes out to members upon joining the business list to make these letters more accurate and to “streamline” the process.
  • Approved modifications to Greeter Letter #2 sent to new members to: simplify the letters, correct grammatical errors, and provide instruction for access to their personal web pages and / or retrieve their passwords. Change the wording in Letter # 2 to read: "If you would prefer to receive the Digest version, please contact our Listkeeper at grow-owner@oso-aa.org and she will make the change for you."
  • Approved modifications to the current letter that the Greeters send to the group, to introduce a new member by including the new member name and email address at the beginning of the letter rather than at the end.
  • Approved modifications to the Listkeeper’s Job Description to clarify how to manage former members who wish to re-join the group and to eliminate a listed task which is outdated.
  • Approved modifications to the Treasurer’s Job Description to clarify that the incoming Treasurer will be responsible to set up a PayPal and checking account dedicated to GROW collections and activity.
  • Approved change to the wording in our “12 Step Opportunity Letter” to make it consistent with the wording in that letter (i.e. change “12” to “12th”).
  • Approved posting on the GROW website a listing of prior topics and the lead shares.
  • Approved modifications to the Job Description of the Weekly Leader Listkeeper (WLL) to discontinue the mid-week re-posting of the topic by the WLL and to discontinue re-posting the Step & Tradition letters in the middle of the month. It was also suggested that the Weekly Chairperson may re-post the topic/meeting if she chooses to do so.
  • Approved changes to the Job Description for the Rotating Back-up to offer back-up assistance to the following Trusted Servant positions: Weekly Leader Listkeeper, Birthday Listkeeper, Temporary Mentor, 12th Step Chair and Sponsor Listkeeper.