Apr 07: There Are No Coincidences

There Are No Coincidences

Hello, my name is Allison M and I am a grateful recovering alcoholic.

How many times do we hear in sobriety that there are no coincidences? I’ve heard them called God shots. I have also heard that coincidences are God’s way of remaining anonymous.

In my drinking days, I had lots of grandiose plans and zero energy to set any of them in motion. I drifted along in life like a twig in a river. When something went well for me, I happily took credit for my hard work – it never occurred to me that a Power was setting events in motion that even I couldn’t mess up.

With a bit of time sober and the clarity it gives me, I now know that my HP is always at work, way ahead of me, with a wonderful plan that will unfold if I don’t fight it or second-guess. I often can’t see until later that a series of random happenings has culminated in just what I needed, like being introduced to the person who brought me to my first meeting (we were shopping in a consignment store with mutual friends), or holding the door for a stranger who shows up as a newcomer at a meeting that evening.

I remind myself often that I can only see my little corner of the puzzle while my HP has a birds-eye view. What appears to me to be a setback or a hardship may actually be putting me in the path of someone or something that becomes a significant turning point in my life better than anything I could think up on my own.

What “coincidences” have helped your recovery or brought you an unexpected blessing? Please share your experiences about There Are No Coincidences, or whatever is affecting your sobriety today. I look forward to hearing what you have to say!