Apr 23: The Slogans

The Slogans

I find that the Slogans (brief attention-getting phrases) are great tools to use whenever I am talking to another alcoholic because we realize the depth behind the sayings. I have also used some of the Slogans outside of AA when talking to family and other friends, and in my daily routines. My favourite one is: “But for the Grace of God” because I didn’t get the gift of sobriety due to anything great or wonderful that I did so I can’t take too much credit for it. If not for God’s Grace and Mercy in leading me to AA and a chance at a better life, I don’t know where I’d be today – likely nowhere.

Some of the most recognizable Slogans/expressions are as follows although there are hundreds of these that we use:

First Things First: Helps me to remember that alcohol is my number one problem so I must not let any other problems in my life take precedence over this one.

Live and Let Live: Reminds me to show patience and tolerance toward people, both in and out of the rooms, who think and act differently than I.

Just for Today: I was told early on that I didn’t have to think about staying sober forever but just for one day – today. Heck, I could do that! I was quite relieved to hear this in that could it possibly mean that I could drink again? LOL.

You Are No Longer Alone: Reminds me that I have a sponsor and close AA friends that I can talk to so that I don’t have to work on my problems by myself. Help is usually just a phone call or email away.

Fake It Till You Make It: Although probably not a ‘true’ slogan (i.e. original), this one helps me to stick around until I ‘get’ it; e.g. even though I was not a true believer that praying for someone night and day would help me to get rid of a resentment I had toward another person, I prayed as the Big Book suggested and the resentment did go away.

Which Slogans helped you the most in early sobriety? Which ones do you use the most today? Do you consider them as valuable tools to use in daily living?

Thanks for the opportunity to share today with you and for being along with me on my life’s journey in sobriety. I look forward to hearing from you.


Laura G.