Apr 29: Wasted & Lost Opportunities

Wasted & Lost Opportunities

As an alcoholic many opportunities that come along in life get wasted or completely lost with us. We squander what is given to us and we let the best of life slip through our fingers. We may try to keep control or even get control back; but, the alcohol is the one in control and we lose again. The following list is just a smattering of what I lost/squandered due to my drinking.

  1. good health
  2. friends
  3. memories of my college years
  4. healthy relationships
  5. chance to have children
  6. retaining teaching jobs
  7. self-respect
  8. morals
  9. productive personality
  10. respect of others

Sobriety could not get all of these back, for it can’t turn back time; but, some things did come back to me. I worked very hard to become a productive member of society and a loving, giving human being. I can’t wipe away my past. I can only face it and move on. The following list are the opportunities and things that have come to me since getting sober on 7-1-05.

  1. self-respect & morals
  2. true friends
  3. healthy relationships
  4. loving, kind, and supportive husband
  5. service work
  6. productive person and personality
  7. respect of others
  8. peace, love, joy, happiness
  9. redemption
  10. step-daughter
  11. grandson

I cannot say I do not have moments when I am sad at what I let get away from me. But, the opportunities that have come to me in sobriety are life-changing. I have learned to have no regrets. I am who I am BECAUSE of my past NOT in spite of it. What about your lists? Can you voice your lost opportunities and shout your gains???