Aug 21: Cravings


While reflecting this morning as to what I wanted to share, cravings kept coming to mind. Was it the physical craving of alcohol that kept you coming back when you knew it had become a problem or was the the “affect” of the alcohol that kept you drinking before you started your journey to sobriety?

For me it has been more of the affect of alcohol. I don’t desire to drink everyday but when I feel the strongest urge to drink is when I was upset or depressed about a situation and I have “given up”…I just didn’t care anymore and I would give in and drink…I am still struggling with this as I am still trying desperately to put together a good length of sobriety, but I realize what it is that’s causing me to fall and am more aware of my feelings and acting out. I have also started seeing a counselor to help with some of the issues that are causing me to become depressed.

Life is a journey, not a destination and that holds true for sobriety! Thank you for letting me share! Many blessed days/years of sobriety for us all!