Aug 28: How You Are/Are Not a Part Of

How You Are/Are Not a Part Of

I volunteered to chair this week because yesterday was my 61 st belly-button birthday. As I said to a meeting yesterday, I was planning to kill myself when I was 37.5 years old, and I can testify that this program saved my life!

So many topics possible! What I’d like to see discussed – because it has been so very important in my recovery – is to become “a part of” and to let go of being “apart from.” As I am typing all of this on my “smart phone” I will share more later but I wanted to get the meeting out. So how are you (or how are you not) a part of? (AA and/or the rest of life)? What does this mean for you?

So I’d like to hear from all about this. If you are still as I was not so very long ago and niot feeling a part of AA as it is called “a we program” or resent it I still encourage you to share with us. If you find it a confusing idea please share that. Everyone’s voice and thoughts help me!

Thanks everyone and have a great meeting.