August 20: Powerlessness

Topic for the week: Powerlessness

In the last week of living on life’s terms I have been reminded about being powerless over my alcoholism as well as people places and things. 

Prior to recovery I thought I was in control of my drinking as well as every other dimension of my life. I even tried to control the outcomes of various situations and how people would respond-it worked out-go figure right

I once saw or thought being powerless as weak but today when I am feeling powerlessness I have learned it is an opportunity to make sure I am using the tools of the program, to grow at a deeper level, to heal and/or see which character defect may have resurfaced only in a different way.

How do you deal with powerlessness? What does be powerlessness over people , places and things mean to you? Or what is on your heart today?

Thank you ladies for letting me lead this meeting.

Be well

Mary O