August 27: Service

Topic for the week:  Service

Hello, my friends.  This week has been set aside as a service topic meeting.  I understand that to mean that I am to share on what service in AA means to me.

So, here we go.  When I came into AA, I came in from Al-Anon so I already had an idea of what service meant.  For me, it was essentially the same in both programs, so I already knew where many of my strengths would be.  I learned what service meant, what tasks could and would be involved, and that many, many things can be service to AA.

First, I learned that helping with the physical tasks in face-to-face (in-person) meetings such as setting up/taking down chairs, preparing/clearing up coffee, greeting people as they came into the room, chairing meetings, reading in front of the group, giving my interpretation of slogans, handing out sobriety chips (my first home group had chips, rocks, and marbles for sobriety, having a rocky day, and when we’ve lost some of our marbles and need replacements), and many other tasks.

Then it was taking on roles in the group, being the secretary, treasurer, intergroup representative in urban areas, group service rep, or any other group level job. I wasn’t group treasurer, but did hold the other positions at one time or another.  After that came service at the district level.  I acted as treatment chair for the district for one two-year term.  I am currently secretary for a two-year term.  In GROW I act as topic archivist, and like many, I take on a week’s topic from time to time.  In one zoom group I am involved with I regularly Host meetings and sometimes chair.

I often thought that sponsorship was a main goal of service, but that is something I haven’t actually done.  I am willing to listen and talk, but I have doubts about my ability to mentor someone in the program.  Maybe I’m complicating it too much for me to do.  My interpersonal skills need some work.

I know that there is much more than this with respect to service.  I would like to hear what you have done or are doing in the form of service to AA and your fellow/sister alcoholic.  Small task or large, it all counts and helps another alcoholic with their sobriety.

Please share on service in your AA journey.