Dec 02: FEAR


I once heard that the word FEAR stands for Failure Expected And Received. I have allowed fear to rule my whole life. When I am fearful, I shut down. I believe I can’t do it, I’m scared to try, and I become hard on myself for thinking I can’t do something.

When I open my mind and heart to my higher power, HE guides me through the rough terrain. When I work through my fears, I look back and wonder what was I afraid of??? 🙂

As many of you know, I recently had a medical issue that made me fearful…but by discussing it, getting more information about it, and lots of prayer, my fear was almost nonexistent. When they took my blood pressure before the procedure, it was the lowest it has ever been, something like 112/70. The nurse was amazed and I told her I’d been praying a lot!

How have you dealt with fear?