Dec 17: Complacency


My name is Gail and I am an alcoholic. As I realized I had prayed for a few days I thought, wow. Where was I headed?

My spouse was being himself, I haven’t been to a meeting for over a week. God had answered so many of my prayers and other than saying the serenity prayer so I wouldn’t strangle my partner, I hadn’t prayed.

I do not forget I am an alcoholic. I was sick for a week. Left my Canada home to go to my winter home…so not able to get to a meeting.

Complacency is not good. But I caught it in time. I need my meetings and I need God there at my side to continue to be the Christian woman I strive to be on a daily basis.

Ah a sober one…..

What has happened in your life when you have been complacent with AA and God in the center of your life?