Dec 24: One Day at a Time

One Day at a Time

All this past week I have been thinking of what to use for a topic for this week’s meeting. . . I looked in Daily Reflections and other daily readers, but nothing “jumped out at me”. Then this morning, I saw my reminder on my phone to send in the topic, and the topic became more clear.

My home group, and many groups in Toronto, use the reading: “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”. This finishes with the line: “Let us therefore live but One Day at a Time”.

I have been anticipating chairing this week. Then yesterday I had a bad headache, didn’t even turn on my computer, and went to bed early. . . forgetting about sending in today’s topic. I firmly believe that my HP uses my body to bring something to my attention. . . that even something good and positive doesn’t need to be over-thought ahead of time .

I too often dwell on the past and all the negative aspects of it. For me, this only magnifies how bad something was. And I also tend to think of days, weeks and months to come, with the hopes, dreams, and dreads (of the past catching up with me, haha) of the future. None of this is productive to my recovery, or progress as a person.

I do not wand to “regret the past or shut the door on it”, but I do want to learn from it, not live in it.

I sometimes wish I could plan the future, but all I can really accomplish is to “do the next right thing”. Some things require preparation, but I cannot plan things out in detail.

All this is Progress, not Perfection.

How have you learned to take One Day at a Time?

In love,