Feb 10: Life On Life’s Terms

Life On Life’s Terms

We hear the phrase, :”Life on life’s terms” often in our Program. I look at it this way: Every day life is handed to me as my Higher Power directs it to be. I often say to my sponsees: “Life happens — -It’s how I respond to it that is important”!

I also describe it this way: “BORN HERE – – -TIC, TIC, TIC, TIC, TIC, TIC, TIC, TIC, TIC, AND DIE HERE”! I can’t go back one tic or go forward one time. I am in THIS TIC – – -right here, right now! Nowwwwwwwwwwwwww, that tic is over!!! I often look down at my feet to remind myself where I am: “Ohhhh — -Here I am!”

I find each tic is a choice! Today I feel I have the responsibility to not only carry the message but also to carry it on in a positive manner! Imagine it the entire world felt this way – – -there would be no wars!

It’s an privilege to present our topic for the week. I look forward on your take on this subject,

Susanne Murphys, CA 8/17/91