Jul 28: Getting Over the Shame

Getting Over the Shame

Thank you for all of the well wishes on my 6 month birthday. I feel blessed to be sober and not craving a drink. It is truly a miracle. I am also grateful to my sponsor for her love and support especially during the early days of sobriety and my relapse. I am also grateful to all of you for your love and support during the last nine months.

Being sober is truly a blessing. I look forward to each day. I am productive, creative, loving and compassionate. But sobriety is also a journey that allows one to closely examine oneself. How many people get the opportunity to look inside and change who they are for the better? At times during my journey I have an overwhelming feeling of shame associated with the disease of alcoholism. It is not self pity, but sadness that I feel because I have let down those close to me. Have any of you had the same feeling? Have you overcome it? And if so, how?