Jul 08: Alcoholic Who Still Suffers: Life on Life’s Terms

Alcoholic Who Still Suffers: Life on Life’s Terms

We hear these words at every meeting. ” A moment of silence for the alcoholic who still suffers, inside and outside of these rooms.” I have to admit, first I see the homeless drunk suffering and sick. I may not even get time to think about the alcoholics inside the rooms.

The other night at a f2f meeting a woman raised her hand and said, “Please don’t forget about those suffering inside the rooms.” This is a young woman who is going to prison for what occurred during her using. Her 6 year old child has been taken away from her. Her sobriety has been fragile but she has been working it. She is heart-broken and ashamed. She needs our prayers and support and continued acceptance. She needs us to understand. These problems are at the heart of Living On Life’s Terms.

Many in our small local f2f group are suffering a lot today. Serious illness; impending death; disabled children; loss; broken families; loneliness; financial problems left over from using. One man is trying to share a lot ‘before he cant’ anymore–he has early Alzheimer’s. Another man just 90 years old, keeps repeating the AA slogan: Don’t drink and don’t die, but the dying part clearly weighs heavily on his mind. He tries to joke about it. But his eyes are not laughing. This is life on life’s terms.

But what can be said of ‘inside the rooms’ alcoholics is that they are sober. They are not drinking. They have a sponsor. They work the Steps. They come to meetings. And still they suffer. Perhaps for the moment, we are okay. We are able to give extra support to those in need. We can pray for them. We can check up on them. The Promises are being realized in our lives. And we can say a prayer of gratitude for today, AA, and our Higher Power. We can do service. We are okay today, one day at a time. We are not doing it alone. Nor are they. AA prepares us for Life on Life’s Terms. It’s not easy but it works.