May 09: Sponsorship

Topic for the week:

Greetings Sober Ladies! Grateful for an opportunity to chair. In early sobriety, the old-timers would tell me to put recovery first by finding a sponsor to work the steps with & jumping headfirst into AA. Sponsorship is a vital tool from my sober toolbox. Grateful for the women who guided me through sponsoring women, step work, life on life’s terms, and building a relationship with a Higher Power. The ladies of GROW have a wealth of experience, strength and hope to share on a variety of topics. I do know we have women with a few days to several 24 hours in recovery & would love to read about your personal journey with sponsorship – as a sponsee &/or a sponsor.

Have a wonderful week, ladies!!! God is good, all the time. Thankful he placed some amazing women in my life who have demonstrated how to practice these spiritual principles throughout the years.