0421 – Final Summary of April 2020 Business Meeting

Twenty-four (24) GROW members attended the April 2021 business meeting. In three 3-day sessions, they submitted comments and voted five proposals that addressed Trusted Servant position descriptions, the distribution of funds beyond our Prudent Reserve, and information on our website. Participants supported all of the proposals that were considered and voted to approve them. No one voted “No” on any proposal. You can find Trusted Servant reports as well as summaries of discussions and voting results on proposals on GROW’s website at http://g-r-o-w.com/member-welcome/business-meetings/#current-meeting.

Group Conscience Decisions – April 2021

GROW business meeting participants considered and approved five Group Conscience decisions during our April 2021 meeting. They are:

  • Delete “Mailman Letter – Business List” and “Mailman Letter – Regular List” from the Trusted Servants/Letter Templates webpage < http://g-r-o-w.com/member-welcome/trusted-servants/letter-templates/>
    Delete the references to the above two letters in the Listkeeper Position Description <http://g-r-o-w.com/listkeeper-and-alternate-listkeeper-description/> and replace with a reference to the Listkeeper Message letter template < http://g-r-o-w.com/form-listkeeper-letter/>.
  • GROW will maintain a page on its website that lists Group Conscience decisions.
  • Add to some position descriptions a bullet requiring that Trusted Servants have been a member of GROW for at least one year. The positions that would be subject to this requirement are: Business Meeting Chair, Listkeeper, Secretary, and Weekly Leader Listkeeper.
  • Given the improvement in OIAA operations and management, GROW will resume contributions to that organization by allocating 20% of our surplus to OIAA, with the remaining 80% continuing to go to GSO.

Revised 12th bullet of Treasurer’s position description:

    • Pay all group expenses per the distribution below and maintain a prudent reserve of $122.00:
      • Make quarterly * bi-annual contributions, prior to each Business meeting, to GSO (The General Service Office, Grand Central Station, PO Box 459, New York, NY 10164-0423; Group Service # 633230). Allocate 80% of the total available contribution amount to GSO
      • Allocate 20% of GROW’s total available contribution amount to OIAA
      • $12.00 monthly to OSO-AA (PayPal: dean.collins@insightplanners.com) (6 months expenses)
      • $50.00 annual subscription to Grapevine magazine
  • Amend the Treasurer’s position description to change the requirement to make quarterly distributions to bi-annually, prior to each business meeting. (Refer to Proposal 4 for Recommended Language.)


With no further proposals to consider in this business meeting, the Chair adjourned the meeting on Wednesday, April 14.