May 22: Fun in Sobriety

Fun in Sobriety

I decided to suggest a concept I often struggle with: fun in sobriety.

Although I am very grateful for my new life, I don’t always know how to enjoy it.

When I look around, I see a lot that needs fixing. I still boss my boyfriend around, I have trouble taking direction, I tend to isolate. There is plenty of room for improvement. In fact, I could exhaust myself worrying about my character “defaults.” And that is one of my character defaults: I tend to be hard on myself.

So I’m trying to lighten up. There is a time to work on character defects, and there is a time to have fun. Because the old “fun” was killing me, my first job was finding new things to do.

I didn’t know what I liked, so I started trying stuff out. I’ve taken adult tap and meditation classes. I’ve discovered I love birds and hanging out with my cat. Last month, I attended an interpretative dance class. And danced! And I wasn’t wasted!

Sometimes when I’m spacing out with my cat, I think: “You really need to be taking care of business, Kirsten.” Then I remember that I am.

Taking time to learn what I like is helping me figure out who I am. So far I’ve learned that I have more energy and more courage than I knew. Sometimes I can give myself a break. I’m sure that’s what my HP wants for me.

How have you learned to have fun in sobriety? What have you discovered about your sober self that was a surprise?

Please feel free to share on this topic or whatever is on your heart this week.