May 29: Work With Other Alcoholics

Work With Other Alcoholics

From page 89 of The Big Book (4th edition):

“PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE shows that nothing will so much insure immunity from drinking as intensive work with other alcoholics. It works when other activities fail. This is our twelfth suggestion: Carry this message to other alcoholics! You can help when no one else can. You can secure their confidence when others fail. Remember they are very ill.”

This reading reminds me how the program works. Service was something I could do from the beginning. Before I worked all the steps. By sharing my story and listening to others. I’m reminded of what it was like, what happened and what it’s like now.

I’ve been able to adjust my perspective in life. Today I do not regret the past as it brought me here. I’m here not to wallow in self-pity, but to share my ESH and carry the message.

Life was unmanageable. Today it’s not. I go to meetings, work the steps with my sponsor, and try my best to practice these principles in all my affairs.

When I hear you share, it strengthens my sobriety. When I share with you, it strengthens my sobriety.

I’ll keep coming back. 🙂

Please feel free to share on this topic or anything that may be on your mind.