Nov 13: Working It – Staying Sober Through the Party Season

Working It – Staying Sober Through the Party Season

I’ve had a whirlwind summer and fall this year. Travel was a huge part of my schedule. Plugged into the at time away from home was all the “regular” chaos of a multi-generational family was a few great things and a few disasters. “Hopefully” one of our Son’s Weddings last weekend signaled a bit of a break before the Holidays.

Why this long (probably boring) paragraph?

I’ve been sober for quite a few 24 hrs.. I have a long Gratitude list. I’ve not drank far longer than I did. I am an alcoholic. I was , I am, I always will be. As long as I remember this Truth and practice ALL the suggested life-saving behaviors, beliefs and admonitions the ladies of AA have taught me, I don’t have to drink one day at a time. I’ve learned that I’ve worked this Program so earnestly, the Program works me before I realize I’m in shaky emotional or spiritual ground.

Rather than fight myself about going up to the cash bar at John’s Wedding (who I got to Marry!!!!!), I was sitting back, rocking and humming the two youngest Grandloves to sleep (1 at a time) and praying for the few folks there who seem to be running toward this Fellowship, Jail or the Grave.

So, after my never-ending share, How are you working or not working this HP given Gift of LIFE. What needs tweaking to prepare for the Holidays so we stay sober through the party season of the year?

“It works IF you work it” is real.