Nov 20: Things You are Grateful For

Things You are Grateful For

I feel blessed to be able to chair the meeting this week. I always like to chair around my anniversary because of the gratitude that I feel for this program and the life it has given me.

November is gratitude month and a good time around the upcoming holidays to feel and express the gratitude we have for our lives. I don’t know about you gals, but if you were anything like me at the end of your drinking you didn’t feel grateful for anything or anybody. My parents lived 3000 miles away, my children 1500 miles away and there was no one left in my life to put the blame on. If I could have left me I would have. I was drinking to die and it just wasn’t happening. The thought of living the way I was for the rest of my life was what finally brought me to my knees and gave me the gift of desperation.

It wasn’t easy. I fought against it and “yeah but” everything that was told to me. The pain of being dry was as bad as the pain brought on by my drinking and I finally had to surrender to the steps and to a God that I didn’t understand. I still cannot describe what God is, and I still don’t understand how He works, but I know that He is there. The longer I am here I can see more clearly where He has always taken care of me. I should not have lived through many of the things that happened in my life prior to and after coming into this program. I am truly blessed.

I was told that the gifts I would be given by staying sober and living this program daily would far exceed any dreams that I could have thought of back then and they were right. I would have sold myself short. Please share with us this Thanksgiving week the things that you are grateful for in your lives. Of course, feel free to share on whatever else is on your minds also. I encourage our new members to get their feet wet by sharing also.