Nov 15: Using the Tools of the Program

Topic for the week:  Using the Tools of the program. (And other tools to enhance our sobriety.)

I chose this topic because many of us are finding it challenging during this time of social isolation caused by the pandemic.

I, for one, am missing going to the usual meetings, and giving and receiving hugs. Sometimes I meet someone I know from the rooms while shopping, at the bank, driving, even donating blood.  But we have been unable to do more than just speak to each other, and depending on the location, little can be said.

I know that I could, and probably should, do more to work on my program, or get more discipline in doing a daily 10th Step. . . . but my efforts are sadly lacking.  The things I have been able to do are:  read my GROW messages, read my daily reader(s), pray (when I think about it), listen to speaker recordings, attend zoom meetings and either participate or just listen, attend my home group whenever possible (outdoor, social distancing, now too cold, looking for a different indoor space), using slogans, journalling, and more I can’t remember at the moment.  I don’t do everything every day, but I do try to keep involved in my program.

When my efforts are lagging, it doesn’t take long to become apparent. . . . I get into argument with my hubby, I snap at people, I over-react to things.  Fortunately, my hubby loves me anyways, and knows that we both just need some space until I cool down.  In that space, I try to do something that will re-ground me and help me to regain the serenity I had been lacking.

What tools of the program do you use?  What are some that you reach for when you find you’re having a rough day?

I look forward to reading your shares.

In service,  Pat