Trusted Servants 04/2020

Trusted Servants:

12 Step Volunteer Listkeeper (04/20-10/20): Danna M. email
Birthday Listkeeper (04/20-10/20): Susan J. email
Sponsor Listkeeper (04/20-10/20): Alison B. email

Trusted Servants who make up the Steering Committee:

Business Meeting Chair (10/18-10/20): Joan B. email
GSR (10/18-10/20): Kate M. email
GVR (10/19-10/20): Bobby T. email
Greeter (4/20-10/20): Louise H. email
Greeter (4/20-4/21): Lisa M. email
Listkeeper (4/20-10/20): Nancy C. email
Listkeeper Alternate (4/20-4/21): Sarah K. email
OIAA Rep (4/20-4/21):  Sophie R. email
Secretary (10/19-10/20): Laurie C. email
Temporary Mentor (4/20-4/21): Sarah M. email
Treasurer (10/19-10/21): Cheryl B.  email
Website Administrator (4/20-10/20): Tanya C. email
Webkeeper (4/20-4/21): Cheryl D. email
Webkeeper Backup (4/20-4/21): OPEN.
Weekly Leader Listkeeper (4/20-4/21): Rene G email

Immediate Past Business Meeting Chair: Danna M. email
Immediate Past GSR: Joan B. email
Immediate Past OIAA: Lynn H.  email and Kirsten V. email
Immediate Past Secretary: Ruth F. email