0418 – First 3-day Period Minutes

First 3-Day Period

We had an extremely quiet first 3-day session in which we considered one proposal. The Workgroup submitted their report and proposal for how to go about modernizing the GROW website. Six participants commented, all agreeing with the ideas outlined in the report. Given the unanimity of the comments, we will vote on Proposal 4.1 in the second 3-day session.

Also in the second 3-day session, we will consider four proposals, three of them representing the Trusted Servants’ review of their own job descriptions:

Proposal 1.2: OIAA Rep Job Description
Proposal 2.2: Treasurer Job Description
Proposal 5.2: GSR Job Description
We will also consider Proposal 3.2 adding a reminder about not using URLs in messages in the Weekly Meeting Format Letter.

If you would like to participate in our business meeting, please send a note to our Listkeepers (Nancy C. & Karen H.) at grow-owner@oso-aa.org/, and they will be sure you are on that list.

Respectfully, danna M | Business Meeting Chair