0418 – Fourth 3-day Period Minutes

Fourth 3-Day Period

During the fourth 3-day session of our April 2018 meeting, we voted on four proposals and discussed three new proposals. This is going to be an easy one. On all four of our proposals, the vote (of 16 for each) was unanimously in favor of the proposal; therefore, we have four new group conscience decisions.

Results of Voting
Proposal 7.3: Greeters Job Description

Delete the following three duties from the Greeter job description that are not relevant to the job:

  • If new member does not have access to the web, forwards group information, as requested.
  • Sends resubscription requests to the Listkeeper.
  • Communicates with the GROW 12-Step Volunteer Listkeeper about women who may need extra support.


Proposal 8.3 Grapevine Rep Job Description
Amend the existing bullet in the Grapevine Representative job description that calls on the GVR to lead one meeting a month and add sentences to the Grapevine Form Letter inviting members to share on the month’s theme.

Recommended change in job description: The GVR will chair one meeting a month on inform the group of the topic presented in that month’s Grapevine.
Recommended change in Grapevine Form Letter, Add the following language to the first paragraph as follows:
This month’s topic is: [from aagrapevine.org/]. This month’s feature story in print is: [from aagrapevine.org/] – summary available online. This month’s online feature story is: [from aagrapevine.org/]. Note that in order to read entire article, one has to subscribe; however, there is usually one that is available to read in its entirety. I encourage you to share on this month’s Grapevine theme or feature story. When you do, please put “Grapevine Topic:” in the subject line of your message.

Proposal 9.3 Weekly Leader Listkeeper Job Description

Amend existing duties in the Weekly Leader Listkeeper job description to specify the timing as follows:

Amend existing bullet and add a new bullet to address non-related duties:
Send the one-month schedule of meeting chair dates and corresponding Weekly Leaders to the group on a monthly basis (in addition to posting regular weekly reminders of the meeting topics). At mid-week, re-post the Sunday meeting topic e-mail letter.
Add language specifying timing on two existing bullets:
At mid-week before the new meeting provide weekly topic leader with clean copy of meeting format.
At the beginning of each month, post Step and Tradition discussion topics to correspond with the month.

Proposal 10.3 12th Step Volunteer Listkeeper Job Description

Amend the bullet referring to a 12th Step Back-up to delete that reference as shown below:

Recommended Language (for 12th Step Listkeeper):
Notify 12th Step Back-up, Group the Listkeeper and Greeters Secretary if unavailable for a period of time. (Backup will then Greeters and/or Listkeepers Secretary will either assume the above responsibilities or work with the Steering Committee to assure the duties are performed in the 12th Step Volunteer Listkeeper’s absence). The 12th Step Listkeeper will provide a current list of 12th Step Volunteers to the Secretary/Greeters/Listkeepers when she notifies her of her temporary absence.
Recommended Language (for Greeters and Listkeepers Secretary):
In 12th Step Volunteer Listkeeper’s temporary absence, either alert 12th Step volunteers of a need for support or work with Steering Committee to assure these duties are covered.
For Listkeepers’ job description, delete three existing bullets referring to 12th Step activities.
Greet, correspond with, introduce and subscribe emergency 12th Step calls.
Forward names to 12th Step Listkeeper.
Maintain two-month archive of these names.

Discussion of New Proposals
This one will be very easy. There was little discussion on the three new proposals, and all comments supported the proposals. In the fifth 3-day session, we will vote on these proposals.

Please do not submit your vote until you receive the official “Call for Votes” message.

The three proposals we will vote on are:

Proposal 11.5: Add a bullet to the OIAA Representative’s job description to submit monthly anonymous information about GROW to OIAA.
Proposal 12.5: Add a bullet to the Listkeepers’ job description about providing monthly information about GROW to the OIAA Representative.
Proposal 13.5: Edit the existing bullet under the Listkeepers’ Job Description to call for Roll Calls.
There are no more proposals to consider during this meeting. I will announce the results of voting on Tuesday, April 17th. If no more proposals have been submitted by then, we will adjourn the meeting.

Thank you all for your service to GROW!

Respectfully submitted, danna M | Business Meeting Chair dmcd.grow@zoho.com