1018 – GSR Report

Oct 2018 – GSR Report

The current issue of Box 459, Summer 2018, has some touching articles and some informative articles.

The cover article tells the story of getting the Big Book translated into Navajo, which is an oral language.  Many dedicated people kept the project going for years to insure an accurate translation in the native language.   It’s an inspiring read.

There is information on openings for Trustees, an informative piece about myths and misconceptions concerning outside interests in AA, medical, judicial, treatment.  The General Service conference is summarized with recommendations put forward there.

There are 2 requests from AA members to share for the development of 2 new pamphlets, one for Spanish speaking women and one for experience concerning the 3 legacies of recovery, service and unity.

As always there is a list of AA functions, mostly in the US, but a few outside as well.

Box 459 is available online at

Joan B.