0419 – Business Meeting Agenda

April 2019 Business Meeting Agenda

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Agenda for April 2019 Business Meeting
Trusted Servant Reports:

  • Trusted Servant (TS) Positions – Incoming & Outgoing TS identified (Secretary’s Report)
  • Semi-Annual Reports: OIAA, Treasurer, Listkeeper Reports
  • Business Items (each will be posted separately to facilitate discussion and voting)

Below are the proposals received to date that we will discuss during the Business Meeting. The following list contains brief summaries rather than the full proposal language as it will be presented. If you have an item that you would like to have addressed, or if I have not accurately represented an item that you recommended, please email me privately and I will make the appropriate corrections.

  • Proposal 1.1 – Propose the launch of the new GROW website after the April 2019 Business Meeting for use by the membership
  • Proposal 2.1 – Propose creating a 1-year rotating position of Admin to maintain the functionality and server side of the website.
  • Proposal 3.1 – Propose using current job descriptions of Backup Web-keeper, Web-keeper and Admin positions track the upcoming changes for review in October 2019 Business meeting.
  • Proposal 4.1 – Propose assigning Allison M to the GROW Web-keeper position and assigning Tanya C to the GROW Admin position, both positions commencing April 2019.
  • Proposal 5.1 – Propose opening the Backup Web-keeper position to the membership.

From the October meeting we will re-visit these 3 proposals:

  • Proposal to have the topic on the first Sunday of each month be the step with the same number, i.e. January, Step. 1.
  • Proposal to remove the sponsor list from the GROW website.
  • Proposal to have the Sponsor Listkeeper work with the Temporary Mentor to assure newcomers have a temporary sponsor if they request one.

Participants in this meeting will also consider these new proposals:

  • Proposal to update the job description for the Weekly Listkeeper
    Proposal to add language to the form letter sent by the Weekly Listkeeper if the job description is updated.
  • Proposals to update the job description for the Sponsor Listkeeper

During the first three days of our meeting, we will discuss the 5 proposals related to the new WEB site. I will send out the proposals separately, calling for three days of discussion on each.

Respectfully yours,
Joan B.
GROW Business Chair