1019 – Proposal 2.4: Temp Mentor Form

Proposal 2.4: This proposal suggests changes to the Temporary Mentor Form Letters

Discussion on Proposal 2.4

Hi Ladies, I thought the flow of the letter would be better with the new addition closer to the list of sponsors. So I changed it up so you could see how you like it with the different placement. Laurie


I like it Laurie, thank you.

Again in this proposal as in 2.3, I am reluctant to post the names of our potential sponsors to every new member. This letter states: For your convenience, I include the current list at the bottom of this note. Our committee did not have time to iron this out, so I am bringing it to the business meeting.
The SLK (Sponsor List Keeper) letters say nothing about the potential sponsors having their names sent to every new member. There is no way for a potential sponsor to know this will happen. I just don’t think that’s a good idea. Maybe no one else minds but I would so I have to say something. And if the group decides to go with the list being sent to every new member, I will accept it.

I agree, I like this way too.

I like this way too

Thank you Laurie. I like it.

I also like this appreciate your efforts Laurie.


Results of Voting on Proposal 2.4

Proposal 2.4 received 16 yes and 3 no votes. The minority opinion will present.