0419 – Proposal 10: Weekly Leader Listkeeper

Proposal 10: Weekly Leader Listkeeper

Add language about a On-call Meeting Leader List to Weekly Topic Leader Message and make additional edits to the Weekly Leader Listkeeper Responsibilites.

Recommended Language: “If you would like to be added to the on-call meeting leader list, please reply and let me know. You will be added to a list of volunteers who are willing to quickly post a weekly topic when the scheduled chair is unavailable. The only requirement is that you are available to check your email every Saturday/Sunday and respond quickly to a request from the Weekly Leader Listkeeper, so she can find someone to chair in a timely manner.”


  • The bullet descriptions concerning calling for volunteers and posting the meeting schedule need more clarity as to when to send each item, so I added “at the beginning of the month”. I have been doing this and it works well to send the call for volunteers and current month’s schedule at the beginning of the month.
  • The bullet concerning posting regularly weekly reminders is a repeat and doesn’t need to be there.
  • The bullet concerning confirming the member’s status two weeks before is not needed, because the list keeper contacts the assigned leader personally on the Wednesday before the meeting. This is an extra, unnecessary duty.
  • The bullets concerning a list for weekly leaders and replacing the topic leader needs more clarity. This has been an unclear area and has caused some problems during my current term. I added a specific time to replace the topic leader, if a topic has not been posted on Sunday morning. Also, if we have a list of willing leaders, why make a general announcement to the group? I believe making a general announcement is embarrassing to the assigned leader and negates the point of having a list of willing leaders. (Refer to the business meeting decision on October 2011 about maintaining a back-up list of willing leaders)

Summary of Comments on Proposal 10

No objection here.

Results of Voting on Proposal 10

Pass 13 agree, 0 disagree

Group Conscience Decision:

Make the additional edits to the Weekly Leader Listkeeper Duties.

Add recommended language to the Weekly Topic Leader Message.