0419 – OIAA Report

Apr 2019 – OIAA Report

I’m Lynn H, OIAA representative for GROW.

Currently the March Business Meeting is addressing:

  • Forming an Ad-hoc committee tasked with exploring and gathering information on the desirability of using the AAWS Meeting Ap license. Some information shared in support of this ap:
    • “Meeting Guide app will be part of the new AAWS AA app launched in 2019. The people that run it now will be handing over the reins to AAWS so there should be no traditions issues moving forward.
    • Meeting Guide is a free mobile A.A. f2f meeting finder app. It gets its data by syncing with area, district, Intergroup/Central Office and International G.S.O. websites.
    • Sites that use their own custom database only need to create a JSON feed to make their data accessible.
    • The app is now used by more than 100,000 users every month, using it on an average of 5.75 times per month.”
  • Attending the World Convention in Detroit.
    • Voting has been to attend so far.

Website issues continue. A little over a year ago the OIAA server crashed and everything was lost. They are slowly recovering by restoring old pages, there was no backup. The members page is still not where they were as the website as it has no information connected to its tabs for any helpful information. Some member website information was sent out as an email in Feb. The page the public sees is up to date with links to groups and useful AA information, very helpful to those seeking help. They do now have a “Donate” button on the OIAA website for groups or individuals to make donations via PayPal.

When I first started there was a lot of back and forth, arguing, about the state of the group. An old time member was admonishing new members for not doing things the right way. Honestly, this turned me off completely and my involvement with the group has been minimal. I know members are diligent in trying to turn the group around but information and direction is fractured. My involvement with the group has been minimal due to this.

Submitted by Lynn H.