1019 – Proposal 2.3.a: Temp Mentor Job Desc

Proposal 2.3.a:  Revise the Temporary Mentor job description to add a bullet for coordinating with the Sponsor Listkeeper to assure new members have the current GROW Sponsor List.

Minority Opinion Discussion on Proposal 2.3.a

I disagree with providing all new members the list. I believe the list itself needs to be a request There for the job description needs not state this as a requirement for this position .

I voted ‘no’ for the very same reason stated by Laurie below (above).

I d like the list to be a request, not included in the email, and also voted no.

Nicely done. However – Work with the Sponsor Listkeeper to assign a Temporary Sponsor when requested, —is fine. But –
provide new members the email address for Sponsor Listkeeper, and include a link to the web page with the password for members with instructions to select the ONLINE SPONSOR page for more information.
– should be removed –
All of this information is in the FYI PAGE. Sent out by the greeters. And in temp mentor letter one. So it is not a separate task- and redundant info .
I would suggest using bullet points for separate tasks , And I would remove this last sentence.

My exact reasons for voting no.  Leave the list off and I am good with the rest of it. As below.
Work with the Sponsor Listkeeper to assign a Temporary Sponsor when requested, provide new members a link to the Sponsor Listkeeper, and include the current list of GROW Sponsors at the bottom of Temporary Mentor #1 form letter.

Agree with Laurie that the Sponsor list should not be sent to all members by our Temporary Mentor. Only those who want the list should be sent it. They can find it by contacting our Sponsor List Keeper with links that we give them.  This is an simple way to show someone how to begin to take responsibility for themselves and to learn how to ask for help, two basic precepts of early recovery. Having lost confidence in ourselves, when we find the things we do working for us, it restores our confidence and self-worth. Let’s encourage that!

I agree with Gigi.  I think bullet points should definitely be used as that makes easy to read and follow.

Results of Voting on Proposal 2.3.a

Proposal 2.3.a received 19 yes and 0 no votes.

Group Conscience Decision

The Temporary Mentor job description now reads as follows.

Temporary Mentor Job Description

  • 1 year term
  • 1 year of continuous sobriety
  • 1 year membership in GROW
  • Must be a member of the Business List.
  • Will be a member of the Steering Committee.
  • Read GROW mail daily to note when the Greeter introduces new members in order to contact the new member privately to offer additional support in making solid connection with the Group and/or AA.
  • About 2-3 days after she joins, contact each new member to explain your position as Temporary Mentor (TM), offering to answer questions or provide guidance until the member feels comfortable in the GROW group (see Temporary Mentor #1 form letter).
  • Work with the Sponsor Listkeeper to assign a Temporary Sponsor when requested and provide new members a link to the Sponsor Listkeeper.
  • Refer the newcomer to other online AA resources, as well as ways to find face-to-face AA resources.
  • Maintain working relationship with, and assist new member as needed with learning, GROW email etiquette guidelines.
  • Each month, the Temporary Mentor will send a short letter reminding GROW members of AA resources available to them.
  • Common duties and requirements to all Trusted Servant positions is described here.