0420 – OIAA Report

Apr 2020 OIAA Report


As your Online Intergroup of AA Rep (OIAA) I’m updating you with some pending changes to the OIAA website.

Some of you may be aware of AA’s Online Intergroup and may have come through there in your search for an online AA group. Indeed you may have found us, GROW listed there!

A working party at OIAA have been creating a new improved OIAA website. Included below are their rationale and links to the original website and the new “beta” site.

If it interests you to take a look please do. The “beta” new site is live but still in the improvement stage so the committee are welcoming any feedback or suggestions.

There will in time be a Member’s Area as there is on the original site but this will be done later.

The OIAA Assembly will be voting in the next few days whether to make the beta site the live one and run with it, and whether to cover the costs which they are financially able to do whilst leaving their usual Prudent Reserve.

If you have any comments or questions please let me know.

Thank you for having me be of service.
Sophie F

Rationale from OIAA Web Committee
We had a plan to move forward at a ‘prudent’ pace. Due to the increase traffic during this COVID outbreak, we are working in an accelerated manner and learning through the process.

We created this new beta site out of the necessity to:

1) Be Mobile (Smartphone) Friendly
2) Increase usability/search ability and
3) Make it run fast and efficiently.

Original website

Improved Beta Website

History of OIAA