0420 – Proposal 2: Eliminate OIAA TS

Proposal 2: Eliminate OIAA TS Position

OIAA rep position should be done away with…. We have discussed this at lengths for several meetings back and forth, to keep or dissolve. Since we have not had any actual representative for the last year, it should be dissolved, We can still maintain a visible presence on the internet without a Rep.

Summary of Comments on Proposal 2

I disagree with eliminating this post.

We aren’t connected up to the service structure of AA at the moment.

The last reports from OIAA were actually quite positive – reports of the OIAA functioning more manageably, and the OIAA role being shared by two GROW members.

Now more than ever surely we need to have some connection to AA as a whole, if nothing else than to share our own group’s experience.

We have a strong history in this group of following Traditions and being a safe place, these are things we could be sharing if we were connected up to the wider AA structure.

My thoughts are this could be a discussion about how to sponsor/support someone into this role, not getting rid of it.

I am glad this was brought up, as this was a position I was thinking of, had gone through what duties entailed, bit tentative, spoke to my sponsor and she gave me email address of lady in NY.

I know this sounds like I am over reaching, but a position that interests me, and if God willing would like to do that after my term as Weekly Leader Listkeeper.

Not sure what the improvements have been since I filled the position last year. I had taken on the position with service in mind but the infighting and lack of any type of administrator taking charge of the negative emails drove me from the group. I stepped back and reported what I needed to on both sides and stayed out of it. Someone had just made off with the money in the treasury as well. The group as it was then was not good for my serenity and service. They needed some work on the infrastructure in my opinion. Just my experience.

I am not sure.  Were you the last person to hold the position?

Can someone answer that question? And if someone held the position after you can they please comment?

I was one of the people that shared the position. I was on first and was followed by another member

Hello all. I was the last OIAA rep and still receive OIAA posts. OIAA has quite suddenly become extremely involved in advising AA groups how to set up online meetings.

And this week, the topic has been how to protect meetings from trolls on Zoom, which is a growing problem.

I think that having this position filled would be of benefit to our new members especially as many of them are from brick and mortar meetings that have gone to Zoom.

Hi all

Thank you for sharing your recent experience in role and what OIAA is currently involved in.

I realise we have to let this discussion here in GROW run and voting occur  as a Proposal has been made, but I would like to put myself forward for this role.

I have served as GSR for several of my face to face home groups over the years and have experience of serving in other roles at several face to face Intergroups & Area Service Commitees in the U.K. and NZ.

I’d also like to thank our member for her interest in serving as future OIAA when her current Trusted Servant role comes to an end.

Results of Voting on Proposal 2

Voting: 16 members voted: 15 no and 1 yes.  There were no minority opinions submitted, therefore the proposal fails and will not be discussed further.  This topic cannot be considered again until April 2021.

Group Conscience Decision:

The proposal failed, therefore the OIAA position will not be eliminated.