1020 – Minutes of the third 3-day Session

Minutes for Third 3-day Session

During the third 3-day session, the Chair presented the results of voting on two proposals and summarized discussions and called for votes on two proposals, and presented a new proposal for discussion.


Proposal 1: Reduce the membership requirement for Webkeeper Back-up from 1 year to 6 months.

Nineteen (19) participants voted on Proposal 1.2, which would change the membership requirement for the Webkeeper Backup from one year to six months. Twelve (12) participants voted “I disagree” (63%) on the proposal, and seven (7) voted “I agree. (37%) ” Therefore, Proposal 1 did not meet the requirement for a 2/3 majority. In the absence of a 2/3 majority, this proposal will be set aside and cannot be raised again for a year.

Proposal 2: Modify the job descriptions for the Greeter and Listkeeper trusted servant positions to stress the importance of timely processing of requests for membership in GROW.

This Proposal was tabled in our April 2020 meeting because the process could not be finished before the business meeting closed. The April proposal was amended to address Listkeeper as well as the Greeter position.

Eighteen (18) participants voted on Proposal 2. Sixteen (16) participants voted “I agree” on the proposal, and two (2) voted “I disagree,” meeting the requirement for a 2/3 majority. Those who voted “I disagree” have been invited to submit a Minority Opinion. If anyone changes their vote from “I agree” to “I disagree,” the Chair will call for a re-vote on the proposal. If there is no Minority Opinion or no one changes their vote as a result, the Proposal will be accepted as a Group Conscience decision.

Summary of Discussions in the third 3-day Session

Proposal 3: In the Weekly Leader Listkeeper’s job description, revise the existing bullet that mentions the monthly Tradition posting to make it clear that the tradition corresponding to the month will be posted twice each month, and the WLL will invite members to share on that Tradition. Five participants made substantive comments on the proposal, all of them supporting the changes to change Weekly Leader Listkeeper’s job description. During the third 3-day session, we will vote on this proposal.

Proposal 4: Add the Common Duties of Trusted Servants to the bottom of the “New Trusted Servant Letter.” Six (6) participants made substantive comments, all of them supporting the including the text of “Trusted Servant Common Duties” in the New Trusted Servant Letter without modification. We will vote on the proposal during the fourth 3-day session.

New Proposal to be Discussed in the fourth 3-day Session

Proposal 5: Change language about not using URLs in messages to allow links/ID’s to AA Zoom meetings.

Recommended language:

In Weekly Format Letter, “Topic for the week:” section:

[ Introduce the Topic of the Week – Remember that we do not include URLs to sites outside GROW except links to the AA, Grapevine, and GROW websites, and AA meetings on Zoom. ]

In GROW Mail List Guidelines (5th bullet):

We do not send attachments, chain letters, solicitations, virus alerts or announcements of non A.A. functions. We do not include URLs to sites outside GROW except links to the AA, Grapevine, and GROW websites, and AA meetings on Zoom.

Rationale: With the pandemic, AA zoom meetings are taking place all over the world. They have quickly become an essential tool for many in recovery. Because our ESH is vital to AA meetings and our sobriety, sharing the Zoom ID and password (or the URL link) would be appropriate in these uncertain times.