0420 – Listkeeper’s Report

Apr 2020 – Listkeeper’s Report

Listkeepers’ Report – April 2020

Our membership as of March 31, 2020 is 166 list members and 12 of those are digest members. (This number is always a little larger than our actual count because some members have two subscriptions).

This time last year we had 366 members. We carried out a roll call in March 2020 and unsubscribed all members that did not respond. Some have resubscribed; the roll call accounts for the big decrease in members. We continue to receive a lot of new members each month.

Nancy and Karen both want to thank Louise and Sarah for their great service to GROW as Greeters. We all enjoyed working together!

Karen has completed her term as Listkeeper–thank you Karen! Nancy will continue until October and Sarah has volunteered to serve as Listkeeper.

Respectfully submitted, Karen H and Nancy C | GROW Listkeepers