0420 – Proposal 3: Eliminate Grapevine TS

Proposal 3: Eliminate Grapevine TS Position

Grapevine Rep should also be done away with. Secretary has posted a service position now weekly for the last two months. It’s clear the meeting membership is not interested in the additional topic.

Summary of Comments on Proposal 3

In my opinion having the Grapevine as an additional monthly topic enhances GROW’s effectiveness in carrying the message.

I don’t believe eliminating this from our group just because it’s currently an empty service post is rationale for stopping having a Grapevine topic meeting.

In my few years as a member here this role has up until recently always been filled and has always generated some sharing.

The current lack of take up of the role I don’t feel is an indication that “meeting membership is not interested in the additional topic.”

At this time especially I’d like to feel we as a group are keeping sharing strong for all the new members – new to online sobriety or just new to sobriety, and a monthly Grapevine meeting gives those who are willing and have time to share another opportunity to do so.

I disagree as well in eliminating this post.

With the amount of new members lately, it very possible that those new members would like the Grapevine.

So as suggestion, lets try it a bit longer and then see what happens.

I think we should keep trying to fill this position as it’s a valuable asset, especially for the newcomers as Sophie mentioned.

Results of Voting on Proposal 3

Voting: 14 members voted: 13 no and 1 yes.  There were no minority opinions submitted, therefore the proposal fails and will not be discussed further.  This topic cannot be considered again until April 2021.

Group Conscience Decision:

The proposal failed, therefore the Grapevine position will not be eliminated.