1022 – Minutes of the Fourth 3-day Session

Minutes of fourth 3-day Session

During the fourth 3-day session of GROW’s October 2022 Business Meeting, participants voted on Proposal 7, which called for a Working Group to explore and identify alternatives to address vacancies in Trusted Servant positions.

In October 2022, three Trusted Servant positions remained unfilled: GSR, Secretary, and Business Meeting Chair. All of those positions are important to making GROW an effective e-mail meeting. The Secretary and Business Meeting Chair positions have duties that are critical to our email AA meeting. Before every business meeting, the Secretary announces open positions and publishes the list of Trusted Servants. The Business Meeting Chair facilitates the Group Conscience process for GROW. The Working Group would look at a variety of topics that include ways to change the way GROW does business to assure that our email meeting continues to support the sobriety of each of its members.

Eight women voted “I agree” on the proposal, and no one voted “I disagree.” Therefore, the proposal is adopted as a Group Conscience Decision.

During this meeting, our OIAA Representative offered to take on the GSR position as well. This is consistent with an April 2012 Group Conscience decision: If the group does not have sufficient volunteers for all open Trusted Servant positions, one person may handle the General Service Representative (GSR) and Online Intergroup Alcoholics Anonymous Representative (OIAA) positions at the same time. Our thanks go to Theresa B for taking on this additional service.

There are no more proposals on the table. The Chair will adjourn the meeting on Sunday, October 16, after identifying the women who have volunteered for several different activity areas and calling for additional volunteers:

  • Covering GSR duties
  • Covering Secretary duties
  • Group Inventory
  • Working Group

You can find Trusted Servant reports and detailed information on the proposals considered on the members’ section of GROW’s website. You will need a password to access this information (sobertodayhow2484).

danna M
GROW Business Meeting Chair