0421 – GSR Report

GSR Report

April 2021

I currently serve as the General Service Representative (GSR) for this amazing group. GSRs are encouraged to attend Area Assemblies, their county general service meeting, their district meeting, and of course their home group’s business meeting. I reside in Northwest Indiana where we meet monthly for a district meeting (district 17) and attend Area 22 quarterly meetings (top half of Indiana). I thought about sharing a little on the service structure in the monthly reports. Please forgive the delay in sending these reports. Taking care of a sick husband for the past six months. I do not want to slack on my duties and will ensure the reports are sent timely.

What is a GSR? The General Service Representative (GSR) is perhaps the most important role in AA. It is through their GSR that each group has a voice and a vote in larger AA matters. This connection helps keep AA unified, both in a practical sense and spiritually. We wouldn’t last long as a fellowship if it weren’t for the service of GSRs such as yourself. Source:  www.aaseny.org/gsr

If you look at AA’s triangle, there are three words written on the sides: recovery (12 steps), service (12 concepts & unity (12 traditions). In our area, we often wear a pin that says “service is the secret”. Service has saved my life when the other two legacies were suffering.

Alcoholics Anonymous has dipped into their prudent reservice due to a drop in sales and group donations. One of the items we discussed was to challenge each group to support the New York location. I personally send $1 per each year sober for my anniversary & donations for online groups I’ve attended for zoom.

Link: Contribution AA.org

Another, to support the Grapevine Magazine by purchasing subscriptions (online or by mail) followed by making personal donations.

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If you have any questions about participating in general service, feel free to send me an email at nicolewaltersparker@icloud.com.

In love and service,
Nicole Walters