1021 – Proposal 3: Brief Job Descriptions

Proposal 3: Brief Job Descriptions

Group Conscience Decision:

In the Secretary’s recruitment messages, rather than referring members to the position descriptions for Trusted Servants, provide a brief description of their job that includes its basic function and how it benefits GROW, the time required to do the job, workload intensity, and the busiest times. The descriptions will also include the name and email address of the person currently holding the position.

The Business Meeting Chair and Secretary will work with Trusted Servants to develop the job descriptions before the March 2022 recruitment effort begins.

Rationale: The proposal reflects broad agreement in business meeting participants’ comments addressing the lack of volunteers for Trusted Servant (TS) positions. Discussions revealed that GROW’s position descriptions are too long and to detailed to attract volunteers. There was near-unanimous agreement that hearing from the current TS about the position was much more effective.

Because TSs change over time, and their experiences will be different, the Chair is proposing that a simple job description that can be used during every recruitment process would be more practical. This would not replace the individual TS shares about their experience in the position that TSs post during the Service topic GROW meeting.

Summary of Comments

Ten women commented on Proposal 3 calling for the Secretary’s announcements of Trusted Servant vacancies to present brief plain-language job descriptions instead of links to position descriptions. There was unanimous support for this proposal.

Results of Voting

Sixteen (16) participants voted “I agree” and no one voted “I disagree” on the proposal to replace the link to position descriptions in the Secretary’s announcement of Trusted Servant vacancies with more simple job descriptions.  Therefore, Proposal 3 is approved and adopted as a Group Conscience decision.