0421 – Listkeeper’s Report

Listkeepers’ Report

April 2021

Our membership as of March 31, 2021 is 275. We have 251 regular list members and 24 Digest members (This number is always a little larger than our actual count because some members have two subscriptions).

At the start of our last business meeting, October 1, 2020; we had 241 members. This time last year we had 166 members. We are Growing!

A big thank you to our greeters Lisa M. and Karrie C. This coming service term Karrie C. will continue as a greeter and Karen H. as a listkeeper. We are still waiting for someone to volunteer to replace Lisa M. and Sarah K. Thank you so much for all of your service ladies!

Respectfully submitted,
Sarah K and Karen H
GROW Listkeepers