0421 – Summary of First 3-day Session

Twenty-four (24) GROW members have signed up for the April 2021 business meeting. During the first 3-day session, we considered and commented on three proposals:

    • Proposal 1 called for deleting the Mailman form letter because it is no longer used.
    • Proposal 2 would create webpage listing all GROW Group Conscience decisions.
    • Proposal 3 adds a requirement for at least one year of GROW membership for these Trusted servant positions: Business Meeting Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Listkeepers, and Weekly Lead Listkeeper.

Seven members commented on Proposal 1, and six members commented on Proposals 2 and 3. All comments agreed with the proposals. No issues or questions were raised in any comment.

During the second 3-day session, participants will vote on these three proposals. The second 3-day session will also include discussion of a new Proposal 4 that would reinstate GROW’s contributions to the Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous (OIAA). GROW suspended our contributions in October 2014 because we felt the group was not adequately supporting AA’s primary mission.