0420 – Proposal 1: “Backup” Leader List

Proposal 1: Maintenance of “Backup” Leaders

Do away with the weekly leader list keeper having to call for and maintain a list of “backup” leaders in case of the weekly leader scheduled has not posting a meeting.

In the event the meeting isn’t posted AND members start asking if the topic has been posted. The weekly leader listkeeper has the authority to go to grows website and post a meeting from the list of past topics.


This simplifies the process eliminating any lag time or stress resulting from waiting for one of the backups to respond.

Summary of Comments on Proposal 1

I disagree as when the list was handed over to me, their were only 3 ladies on the list as back up leaders.

When I sent out the call for back up leaders middle March, another 5 ladies responded, plus 2 ladies from previous list, that not to say the lady from previous list not willing to be back up leader.

That 8 ladies in total.

My thinking is the person you ask to be back up must respond to the email, and failing that their few other ladies willing to do it.

As long as this sorted out by Saturday latest Sunday morning so the list still goes out to the group on Sunday.

In the event of the scheduled lady to chair,  has responded her willingness to chair but does not for whatever reason, then I would say yes the weekly leader can pick a topic of previous topics in GROW website.

I may be wrong but it very seldom that this situation occurs.

If our weekly Listkeeper is happy with the way this currently works, ie having a back up list available for the very rare occurrence that someone misses their scheduled slot, my thoughts are we keep it as is and avoid having a big debate over a minor point.

I agree, simplify by leaving it up to the weekly listkeeper to act quickly to just pull another topic if needed.

Results of Voting on Proposal 1

Voting: Sixteen (16) participants voted: one (1) in favor, and fifteen (15) against Proposal 1.  There were no minority opinions submitted, therefore the proposal fails and will not be discussed further.  This topic cannot be considered again until April 2021.

Group Conscience Decision:

The proposal failed, therefore there will be no change to the current process followed by the weekly leader listkeeper.