0420 – Third 3-Day Period Summary

Proposal 7.3

Add “several times a day” to the greeter job description bullet about checking email.
We will have 3 days to discuss this proposal.

the third bullet currently says

  • Reads GROW mail daily.

the proposed language would say

  • Reads GROW mail several times a day, checking in on a regular basis.

Justification – this more accurately reflects the job.

Discussion included concern that members of grow would be reluctant to volunteer for this job based on the time commitment required. Others felt that the proposal reflects the time required and anyone who does step into the job should know what will be needed.

It appeared we were nowhere near consensus and members have strong feeling about the language on both sides. It was decided we would not have adequate time for discussion before the 17th, which is the date that proposals need to be resolved.

This proposal was tabled to be discussed again in the October business meeting.