1021 – Listkeeper’s Report

Listkeepers’ Report

October 2021

I’m Sophie, alcoholic and one of your two Listkeepers. Karen H is our other Listkeeper. Listkeepers work closely with the team of two Greeters, currently Amy N and Karrie C. As a team of four we manage requests from new ladies interested in joining GROW.

Listkeepers also help with email issues (such as when ladies accidentally include additional recipients when emailing the group to grow@oso-aa.org) and changes to email addresses. We also can unsubscribe members when asked. Our roles don’t take much time but do need us to check our GROW emails several times a day so that requests to join are responded to quickly. We work in pairs – one week on, one week off.

The GROW list is administered on a very simple to use and simple to learn website. I can do it all from my phone!

At our last Business Meeting in April, we had 275 members.
Today, we currently have 284 member’s emails listed.
In the past 6 months, we have welcomed on average around 8 new ladies per month and had on average 7 per month leave GROW.

Listkeepers also administer the Business List to ensure everyone who wants to be included is signed up. So far we have 29 ladies signed up to join the Business Meeting starting Monday October 4th.

In love and service
Sophie F