1021 – Proposal 2: Service Meeting Topic

Proposal 2: Service Topic

Group Conscience Decision:

GROW will devote one meeting to service in the last week of the month before recruitment begins (February and August). While the topic will not be limited to service within GROW, all current TSs are encouraged to share on their experience in the job to encourage GROW members to volunteer when recruitment begins. The Weekly Leader Listkeeper will reserve the last Sunday of February and September for the topic of Service.

Recommended Language: Add to the Weekly Leader Listkeeper’s position description an eleventh bullet:

  • Allocate the last meeting in February and August by identifying Service as the topic next to the date on the volunteer lead request message.

Rationale: The proposal reflects broad agreement in business meeting participants’ comments addressing the lack of volunteers for Trusted Servant (TS) positions. Comments broadly, but not unanimously, supported having a GROW meeting topic devoted to service before the recruitment process begins.

Summary of Comments

Ten women commented on Proposal 2 that calls for two GROW meetings be devoted to the topic of service in late February and August. All comments agreed with the proposal. One commenter expressed regret that this would eliminate two more opportunities for weekly meeting leaders to select their own topic. Another commenter thought that releasing the service topic midweek would avoid this. Finally, a third commenter suggested that the mid-week suggestion should be carried forward to the April 2022 business meeting.

Results of Voting

Sixteen (16) people voted “I agree” on the proposal to devote a GROW weekly meeting topic to Service in the last week of February and August (before recruitment for Trusted Servants begins). No one voted “I disagree.”