1021 – Summary of 2nd 3-day Session

Summary of 2nd 3-day Session of Business Meeting

The second 3-day session of the GROW business meeting ended yesterday. During this session, participants continued to comment on the “Recruiting Trusted Servants” issue paper. The Chair submitted a summary of comments, the comments themselves, and a response to comments.

On the first day of the third, three proposals were presented that reflected actions that commenters supported broadly. These proposals include:

  • Proposal 1: Adding a “Common Duties” bullet that gives all Trusted Servants to engage in and support the Secretary in attracting GROW members to volunteer for service positions.
  • Proposal 2: Devoting a GROW meeting topic to Service prior to each business meeting.
  • Proposal 3: Replacing links to position descriptions with more simple, plain language describing each GROW Trusted Servant position.

Meeting participants will now discuss these specific proposals through the end of the day on Tuesday, October 12.

If you would like to participate in our business meeting, please send your request to our listkeepers at grow-owner@oso-aa.org.

Respectfully submitted,
danna M
GROW Business Meeting Chair