1021 – Final Summary of the October 21 Business Meeting

Final Summary for the October 2021 Business Meeting

The October business meeting opened with the presentation of reports from our Treasurer, Listkeepers, Secretary, GSR, OIAA Representative, and Business Meeting Chair. You can find these reports and meeting details on GROW’s website at g-r-o-w.com/member-welcome/business-meetings/. (You will need a password for the Members’ section (sobertodayhow2484).

When the October business meeting began, many Trusted Servant positions remained vacant. Therefore, the first few days of the meeting were dominated by efforts to fill those positions. There were no proposals for consideration as the meeting began. The Chair called for a discussion of GROW’s recruitment process, and the first two 3-day sessions were devoted to identifying areas where improvements could be made. Participants raised problem areas and made a wide range of suggestions.

Based on the discussions, the Chair submitted three proposals for consideration:

  • Adding to the Common Duties section of position descriptions three actions Trusted Servants would take to support recruitment (Proposal 1)
  • Devoting a GROW meeting topic to Service before our business meetings (Proposal 2)
  • Replacing the current links to position descriptions in the Secretary’s call for volunteers with brief descriptions of each Trusted Servant position (Proposal 3)

After three days of discussion on each proposal, participants voted whether to adopt the proposal as a Group Conscience decision. Two of the proposals received unanimous approval and are now

Group Conscience Decisions:

  • GROW will devote the last week in February and August to the topic of service.
  • Future recruitment messages will contain a brief description of the job rather than a link to the position description.

During our discussion of recruitment practices, many suggestions were made that were not directly related to the recruitment process but could improve GROW’s email meeting. The Chair made a list of these suggestions, and participants gave feedback ranging from “discuss in next business meeting” to “no follow-up needed” on each of eight “Good Ideas.” Based on these rankings, participants identified four areas for action and consideration during the April 2022 meeting:

  • Develop a side-by-side comparison of Trusted Servant positions
  • Review and suggest changes to the Secretary position description
  • Identify Trusted Servant positions that would benefit from job-sharing
  • Introduce a monthly meeting that covers AA’s 12 Concepts of World Service

The October 2021 GROW Business Meeting was adjourned on October 20th.