1022 – Minutes of the third 3-day session

Minutes of the third 3-day session

During this session, we voted on Proposal 4 authorizing Cheryl be to identify GROW members who plan to attend the 2024 International Women’s Conference in Washington DC and to represent GROW in contacting the IWC to learn about opportunities for GROW to be of some service at the Conference.

We also considered a new Proposal 7 that establishes a working group to identify opportunities for GROW to make changes that would, in the long run, encourage more people to volunteer for Trusted Servant positions.

Results of Voting on Proposal 4 (IWC)

Nine participants voted on the proposal. All of them voted “I agree;” therefore the proposal is adopted as a Group Conscience Decision: GROW authorizes Cheryl B to poll our membership to identify women who are interested in attending the 2024 International Women’s Conference (IWC) in Washington DC and to represent GROW in contacting the IWC to explore opportunities to participate by staffing a booth, either separately or in cooperation with other online AA groups, or volunteering for other service opportunities. She will report her findings in the April 2023 Business Meeting and seek approval for further action.

Discussion of Proposal 7 (Working Group)

Proposal 7: GROW will create a working group to explore the Alternatives to Address Vacancies. The working group will take a closer look at the issues to identify ways in which we can focus on supporting our online AA women’s meeting while hopefully still providing support to individual GROW members.

To accomplish this, we would:

  • keep grow-business active for at least six months,
  • seek volunteers to form a working group that would propose changes to “the way GROW operates,”
  • allow the working group to make specific proposals that would be considered outside of our scheduled business meeting, and offer specific issue areas to be addressed based on comments.

Three people submitted comments on the proposal, all of which were supportive.

Next Steps

There are no more proposals on the table for the October 2022 business meeting. We will continue to discuss Proposal 7 during the fourth 3-day session.

danna M
GROW Business Meeting Chair