1022 – Listkeepers Report

Listkeepers’ Report – October 2022


This is our report for the October 2022 GROW Business Meeting. Listkeeping is much less complicated than I imagined before I became a Listkeeper. We work in a team of 4, two Greeters and two Listkeepers. A pair comprising one Greeter and one Listkeeper serve together one week on, one week off.

Our main function is to promptly serve new ladies enquiring about joining GROW. We do this with the Greeters. There is a very simple-to-use website that allows us to subscribe a new lady or help with unsubscribing. We can also help ladies select the Digest version or help with other email/sharing related queries.

As of 29th September 2022, we have 298 ladies’ email addresses subscribed and receiving the GROW shares. I estimate approximately 20-30 individual shares on topic are sent to GROW each week. We have 18 serving GROW in Trusted Servant roles (with three vacant or about to be vacant – Biz Chair, Secretary & GSR).

We had a busy time recently with slightly higher than previous with enquiries about joining. Many have joined but equally quite a few seemed to realise it wasn’t for them and didn’t remain. Usually, we’d only seen that kind of busy-ness around holiday periods, particularly the Christmas/New Year time. There are many more online options accessible nowadays than even three years ago, but my personal view is that there will always be those for whom an email AA meeting and an email AA group is just what’s needed. Certainly true for myself and has been for the past six years.

Currently the Listkeepers’ role is also about subscribing members to the separate Business Meeting List in readiness for the October 1st opening of this bi-annual Business Meeting, and we currently have a total of 25 ladies signed up. It’s lovely to know there are several newer members amongst that list this time – welcome!

Listkeeping is a really good example of how GROW members have supported each other as they’ve learned the ropes. Susan P is serving as the other Listkeeper and had previously done a term as a Greeter and so had an inside view of how the role worked. I, on the other hand, hadn’t had the experience of being a Greeter, but my team when I became Listkeeper included two who had experience and another newbie to it like me. It meant the two with experience could walk us through everything gently the first few weeks until we were confident to take off the training wheels.

Our current team is working well and we’ve had no difficulties. We’ve had some holiday times and personal circumstances occur that have easily and willingly been covered by one of the team as needed. It’s a pleasure to serve with them.

Any questions about Listkeeping or membership we’re happy to try to answer.

Thank you to those present and past who’ve served as Listkeepers and Greeters. And especially those who helped outline the roles and the tasks.

Sophie F & Susan P
Listkeepers to GROW